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Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney

The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry represents clients who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony counts of domestic violence in Orange County and Irvine. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, clients receive one-on-one counsel and attention from leading criminal defense professionals. If you are facing domestic violence charges or a related criminal offense such as harassment, stalking, assault, or battery, call our law offices today at 1-866-902-6880 for your initial consultation.

California Domestic Violence Law

Domestic violence is defined as abuse that takes place within a family setting. This abuse may be physical, sexual, and/or psychological in nature. Once a person reports an incident of domestic abuse, the person he/she accuses may be charged with domestic violence by law enforcement. In the state of California, a person can be charged with domestic violence even if the alleged victim does not wish to press charges. Domestic violence is a serious crime that is never overlooked by law enforcement.

The consequences for domestic violence are life-changing. People who are convicted of domestic violence face harsh legal ramifications like imprisonment, heavy fines, probation, rehabilitation, counseling, and community service. Enhanced penalties may apply for multiple domestic violence offenses. Furthermore, if you are convicted of a domestic violence offense, you may be prohibited from making contact with the victim, or entering your own home. For these reasons, it is always to your advantage to retain the services of a qualified, reputable criminal defense attorney after you have been charged with domestic violence.

Child Abuse
Although domestic violence can be directed towards any member of the family, it is often aimed at children. This is particularly heart-breaking as children do not have any means to defend themselves when an adult is being abuse towards them. It can range from violence with the intent to cause bodily harm, or it could be a sexual attack. Neglect and emotional abuse are also against the law and could be punished as domestic violence. Although the law is there to protect children, there are times when people are falsely accused of child abuse. If you have been charged with child abuse, you could be facing possible jail or prison time as well as large fines. As well as that, some are given community service and mandatory counseling as part of their sentence. If you have been charged with alleged child abuse, contact an Orange County domestic violence attorney from our firm.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Have you been charged with domestic violence in Orange County? If you answered yes, it is important that you start to plan your case and review your legal options with a professional domestic violence attorney. Without representation from an experienced lawyer, you stand little chance of avoiding conviction.

The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry has successfully handled a vast array of domestic violence cases in Orange County, Irvine, and surrounding areas. As a defense attorney with years of experience, Virginia L. Landry can provide you with the advice and aggressive representation you need to obtain a winning outcome.

If you have further questions about domestic violence, contact an Orange County domestic violence attorney today to speak with an attorney who can provide you with answers!

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